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Michael A. LaRocca

Master Gunsmith

Tuning the new S&W M&P Pistols

Smith & Wesson has built a great gun... we've improved them!

The LaRocca Gun Works version of Smith & Wesson's new M&P semi-auto pistol
  • LGW Custom S&W M&P Trigger Enhancement: Improve your consistant shot-to-shot performance with this modification. Smooth, crisp, "the balls!" $125.00.
  • M&P slides blasted for a satin stainless finish: $85.00. If performed at the same time as the above work, just $60.00.
  • Trijicon Night Sights. Excellent low-light visability for all types of shooting. Includes parts and installation labor: $165.00.
  • The LGW Total M&P Reliability Package... This ensures the overall feeding and extraction of all good quality ammo. The barrel ramp is checked and polished, the breech face and bottom of slide is checked, and polished, the extractor is checked for proper adjustment and functional reliability. The ejector is checked for proper function. Magazines are checked for any defect that may effect feeding reliability. $125.00.
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