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Michael A. LaRocca

Master Gunsmith

The Ultimate Competetion Shotgun

Custom modified Remington 870, 1100 or 11-87

LaRocca Custom 18-8 Remington Shotgun LaRocca Custom 18-8 Remington Shotgun LaRocca Custom 23-inch and 18-inch Remington Shotguns
The shorter of the two 1100s is an LGW exclusive design, the "18-8." Starting life as a Remington 1100, the vent rib barrel was shortened to 18½-inches and a custom-made magazine tube was added for eight (7+1) rounds capacity. Offers unprecedented reliability and ease of handling. With the rest of LGW's custom modifications, that little fella would spit fire from the ports and command spectator attention during the Rolling Thunder portion of bowling pin matches! Eight fired hulls in the air simultaneously tends to draw people's interest!

Our exclusive tactical or competition
modifications include...

Pro-Porting and extended mag tube Detail of LaRocca's Custom Shotgun Work
"If I had to shoot a practical match in Britain or elsewhere tomorrow and could take only one gun, I'd use the LaRocca...."
Massad Ayoob, Handgunner Magazine, January 1987
"LaRocca's Practical Shotguns are winners - both in Practical Shooting competition and for self defense!"
Walt Rauch, Combat Handguns, August 1994
"This 870 is fantastic!! I can't believe how smooth it is and how much the recoil is tamed."
– Sergeant Dave Spaulding, Training Specialist,
Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

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