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Michael A. LaRocca

Master Gunsmith

Custom Shotgun Services

LaRocca Custom 18-8 Remington Shotgun
Based on Customer-supplied Shotguns in Good condition
Cut and crown barrel $   65.00
Tru-choke system installed 110.00
Pro-ported barrel 110.00
Lengthen forcing cone 50.00
Complete polishing of the action 85.00
Polish and adjust gas system 75.00
Modify 11-87 mag tube for extended mag tube 25.00
Trigger job with stop 85.00
Large safety button 25.00
Competition bolt handle 25.00
Steel shell follower 15.00
Mercury recoil suppressor in butt stock 125.00
Butt stock shell caddy 15.00
Extended magazine tube 70.00
Custom cut to length mag tube 100.00
Mag Tube Sling Swivel Clamp, 20 Ga. Custom 30.00
Double bead sights 75.00
Night Sight front bead 55.00
Williams Ghost Ring rear sight installed 85.00
Ashley Express Sight System installed Call for quote
Front Sight Blade 35.00
Front Sight Blade with Tritium Dot 135.00
For Rem 870 Pachmayer Vindicator Kit 95.00
For Rem 870 Pachmayer Forend only 55.00
870 Laser Products Forend with light mount 185.00
870 Speed feed Stock Set (Holds 4 extra rounds) 95.00
Pachmayr Decelerator Pad (does not includes shortening stock) 160.00
High Gloss Stock add 30.00
Sage International Tactical Sling 56.00
Tac Star Tactical Sling 22.50
Custom Refinishing Available Call for quote
Test Fire Ammo As required
The prices have been in effect since 31 August 2007.
Note: All Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.
Please contact us to discuss any of your gunsmithing requirements.
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