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Michael A. LaRocca

Master Gunsmith

Custom 1911/1911A1 .45 Auto Pistols

Recent LGW custom work on Stainless Colt's O-frames
Based on Customer-supplied Pistols in Good condition
Reliability package, ramps, adjust and tune extractor, polish breech face and disconnector surface $ 110.00
Lower ejection port and GC 75.00
Trigger Job, Series 70 110.00
Trigger Job, Series 80 120.00
National match trigger installed, Government Model 65.00
National match trigger installed, Gold Cup Model 75.00
Commander hammer installed 75.00
Trijicon Night Sights, fixed 185.00
High visibility fixed sights, MMC, Colt Three Dot, Wilson 100.00
Bo-Mar low prolile sights installed, Government Model 225.00
Bo-Mar custom fit, Gold Cup Model 300.00
Melt or Radius Bo-Mar sights 65.00
Moderately tighten slide 100.00
Refit Colt barrel, hood and link lugs, fit National Match link 85.00
Fit National Match bushing 85.00
National Match Barrels Available - Call for Pricing
Install National Match Barrel (labor only) 110.00
Extended safety fit 85.00
Ambidextrous safety fit 125.00
Spur Grip Safety fit/Ed Brown or King's 125.00
Extended mag release button 75.00
Bevel mag well 95.00
Stake plunger tube and GS bushings 45.00
Carry bevel package 175.00
Checker front strap full 250.00
Checker front strap existing 200.00
Checker trigger guard 95.00
Checker under trigger guard 135.00
Blend and serrate rear of slide 85.00
Checker customer main spring housing 35.00
Add 20% for checkering stainless Steel Guns
Checkering is hand cut ~ Price does not include refinishing
Reblue .45 in satin finish 175.00
Hard chrome, frame only with parts Call for Pricing
Two-Tone, Frame Hard Chrome, slide blue Call for Pricing
Hard chrome entire gun, satin Call for Pricing
The prices have been in effect since 31 August 2007.
Note: All Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.
Please contact us to discuss any of your gunsmithing requirements.
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